Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Have you had FREE training from your distribution company?

The Utilities Warehouse business opportunity provides free training for all new distributors that sign up for our fantastic business opportunity. The "College of Excellence" is a national training program delivered by the best and most successful distrubutors from the company and the training is based upon ideas, strategies and methods that work. This training can be appied thorugh the business of selling anything especially the fantastic services that the Utilities Warehouse offers to their customers.

Utility Warehouse training includes: career opportunity meetings, getting started courses, business training, goal setting / accelerator workshops and leadership training.

Your training is also supported by the people around you. People like us that will guide your progress and make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts and helping you to achieving your goals. By joining the utilities warehouse, you are never left on your own to gain customers. There is a vast amount of merchandise, intranet pages, free websites and various other ways you can get customers. Whatever your suitability or style, once you find the best way for your circumstances, you just need to stick at it and it soon becomes fruitful.

Isnt it time you joined the company of the year? start making your dreams a reality and be in the 5% that do and not the 95% that dont.

Is it not time you moved your services to the company of the year?

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Monday, 30 March 2009

3 Questions...

3 most populate questions we always get asked when people want to join us:

How do we get customers?
Simple. Customers want to be confident they are getting the best deal. They are guaranteed this because the Utilities Warehouse check the current market, and aim to always beat it. As well as Utilities Warehouse being cheaper than their rivals, the services provided are unique. There is no other company in the UK that can provide utilities at these prices on a consistant basis. All the utilities the Utilities Warehouse provides are all on the same bill and can sort out and issues in one phone call. Our call centre is based in North London and usually answer calls within 15 seconds.

TRUE STORY: I was previously with EDF for my gas and electricity. They knew I was the same person getting gas and electricity from the same company and they still could even join my 2 accounts together to provide me with one bill.

ANOTHER TRUE STORY: I have never experienced a problem with my home broadband.

Im not very confident talking to people?
The business does involve speaking to people and the most successful distributors talk to many people but on most occassions you really do not have to. You are provided with business cards to hand to people, you can print off documents to drop through people's door, DVDs for your potential customers to watch, a free website to promote. There are so many ways. Please remember, any business you get into takes time. You are rewarded at the Utilities Warehouse for fast gains, but you can gladly work at your own pace and you will succeed.

How much can I earn?
I think watching the money presentation on our website will explain it all...

Anymore questions? Give us a call on 0845 643 5389 or join NOW

Friday, 13 March 2009

Company of the Year: Telecom Plus

Utilities Warehouse trading as Telecoms Plus is offically the Financial Times Company of the Year 2008. This is a fantastic accolade to finally show true recognisition to the public that the utilities Warehouse provides a great service of gas, electricity, broadband, landline and mobile phones and all on one bill.

FT quotes as follows:
"The winner of this award will be a company that has clearly demonstrated that success is not just a short term phenomenon. The winning company will undoubtedly be successful in share price terms, but with full realisation that share price is but one method of measurement. It will be professionally managed, of course; its long term strategy will be intact, and its growth and development to date will have been soundly financed as befits a conservatively run growth business."

Please check this link to the Financial Times for the official statement (you will be required to register with FT to read it):
Financial Times Company Of The Year 2008

Is it not time you moved your services to the company of the year?

Is it not time you started working as a distributor for the company of the year?

This is how you would get paid:

Thursday, 12 February 2009

WOW - Utilities Warehouse - Company of the year

This is Fantastic news!
Telecom plus has been short-listed for the title of “Company of the Year” at this year's PLC Awards Dinner.

This event was founded in 1987 to reward excellence in the smaller quoted company sector.

The winners of each of the eight award categories are presented with their awards at the annual PLC Awards Dinner, which is "the" City event of the year. It is attended by 1,500 guests, including quoted companies, investment banks, fund managers, investment analysts, and corporate advisors.

Voting is open to members of the public, and anyone can cast a vote online at the following address:


Save on your utilities
Join Us

P.S. If you wish to vote, please note that the voting deadline is 12 noon

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Beauty or bonuses?

Where once upon a time much of us had a disposable income, the current credit crunch, and the return to thrift, has jeopardised many selling based businesses. Avon, for example used to garner those with free time a commission based income, while obviously meeting the needs of its customers. These days potential customers are more likely to be found poring over their gas bills rather then browsing for luxury purchases.

Utility warehouse was in a similar vein to the kleeneze and betaware enterprises, but more importantly, not only does it enable people to save money in these troubled times, it also offers its representatives an unprecedented opportunity to earn unlimited amounts. By offering people a chance to reduce their bills Utility Warehouse staff generate not only a one-off commission, but a constant source of residual income. Gas, electric, phone and broadband are all supplied by this company, recommended by WHICH? Magazine, and every time a customer which has signed up to reduce their bills and uses one of these services, the representative profits. Imagine being paid every time someone you've helped to save money switches on a light or television, turns the heat on, or picks up the phone to make a call? Utility warehouse does just that, paying you a percentage of each bill, which they continue to do every single time the services are used!

As you can imagine, rather than the one off profit offered by many companies, this opportunity continues to earn you money and just as importantly, help more people who want to save money. It really is a situation in which everyone emerges the winner!! This part-time/full-time and hugely flexible venture has enabled people to retire in a few years, rather than generations, and especially in the current climate is growing and growing. Incentives are easily achieved, and range from holiday cruises to free cars. The best bit being you really are your own boss, and your doing something positive.

http://www.yourplacebusiness.co.uk/ - Utilities Warehouse Business Opportunity

http://www.yourplacemarketing.co.uk/otherservicesbusiness.asp - Business breakdown

http://www.yourplaceutilities.co.uk/ - Cheaper utilities like gas, electricity, broadband, mobile and landline phones

http://www.yourplacemarketing.co.uk/otherservicesbusiness.asp - Utilities and other services

Why Utilities?

The current financial situation is seeing everyone take a much more conservative and cautious approach to their finances. Gone are the days of haphazard and reckless spending. Thrift is the watchword of the day, and it was enabling and encouraging their customers to keep track of their spending and organize their finances which allowed the Utilities Warehouse discount club to enter, in winter of 2008, a time when many companies were going bust, the FTSE 250.

A rapidly expanding concern, genuinely trying to enable their customers to take advantage of huge discounts, and relying on word of mouth and customer recommendations, they trade as Telecoms Plus, and bulk buy from all the major companies in the UK. Rather than waste money on massively expensive advertising and pass those inflated charges to the customer, Utilities Warehouse sells the Utilities at hugely reduced rates.

Providing gas, electricity, phone, broadband, Broadcall, mobile phone services and blackberries at lower and more reasonable tariffs has enabled Utility warehouse to expand and their satisfied customers cannot praise them enough. Huge savings are available in every arena of utility, and hundreds more are jumping on the bandwagon every day...................

The range of services available includes:

Home Phone: Guaranteed savings on call charges compared to BT’s best prices, with free calls to UK and many popular international landline destinations. With line rental costing just £8.99 a month, you can easily save over £50 per year, compared with the price paid by most BT residential customers.

Mobile Phone: ValuePay (the pay as you go service) offers fantastic value at just 12p per minute at any time for all standard calls (even including mobiles on other networks). Utilities warehouse also offer two great pay monthly tariffs: ValueTalk: which is the UK’s cheapest bundled tariff, costing from just 310 a month, and also ValueCall, which combines the UK’s cheapest monthly line rental with calls at just 8p per minute, including calls to mobiles on other networks. Blackberries are also available.

Gas and Electricity: Utilities Warehouse offers a Triple Value Guarantee. This states that the gas will always be cheaper than that provided by British Gas, no matter where the customer lives in the UK. For the electricity, they guarantee their prices will always be cheaper than the prices charged by the regional electricity supplier, for their customers. Finally, for the peace of mind of all utility Warehouse customers, they guarantee that their prices will always remain competitive with those charged by the Big Six energy suppliers.

Broadband: Utility Warehouse provides a choice of high quality and low cost broadband services, with free technical supports.

Broadcall: The great value service offered by Utilities Warehouse combines low cost telephone calls, line rental and a high speed broadband internet connection at an amazingly low package price.

http://www.yourplaceutilities.co.uk/ - Cheaper utilites like gas, electricity, broadband, mobile and landline phones

http://www.yourplacemarketing.co.uk/otherservices.asp - Utilites and other services

http://www.yourplacebusiness.co.uk/ - Utilities Warehouse Business Opportunity

http://www.yourplacemarketing.co.uk/otherservicesbusiness.asp - Business breakdown

Monday, 22 December 2008

Why use a property management service?

Why use property management services is a question all landlords should ask themselves before they begin to rent their property. Surely we can do it all ourselves we ask but is it all that easy? Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as easy as that. I'll explain.

Being a Landlord can be done part-time or full-time but no matter how much time you are able to dedicate to it, it is definitely a business us as landlords need to take seriously. For a start, everyday that property is left empty, it means we are losing money. Businesses should not be losing money. As well as losing on potential income, landlords also lose out on paying council tax and utilities as it is transferred back into his/her name. Surely, it’s better to drop your rental income rather than leave the property empty for weeks on end. Empty properties are an expensive business.Next, you need to find the tenant.

Finding a tenant can be easy (if you’re lucky) or difficult (depending on how competitive your rental value is). Most likely as a landlord, you will be looking to save as money as possible so you would be either using a free ads website like gumtree or some sort of tenant find service like http://www.yourplacemarketing.co.uk. Whenever I used free website adverts, I found the people that answered my advert were either not-interested, timewasters or very difficult to convince even though my property was in immaculate condition and cheap in comparison to other properties in the area. Tenant find services are good and it’s a good source for finding the right tenant but both these choices still leave the landlord with the stress of selecting their tenant and managing them. With finding tenants, a good property management company like http://www.edenjosh.com will use different portals that landlords do not have in their arsenal to find a selection of tenants appropriate for the accommodation available.

Agencies also credit check the potential tenants. Independent landlords usually miss out this step at their peril as they try to minimise their costs. If as a landlord, you do not follow these procedures to protect your interests, it could become very expensive later on. Good property management companies will definitely follow the right procedures to make sure the tenants moving into your property can afford the rent and will look after your property. As an independent landlord, the tenant will move in and could make many phone calls regarding a range of issues like “can we put a shelf up”, “the neighbours are a nuisance” and hopefully not “the boiler is not working” a landlord’s nightmare sentence. Again, a good agency will handle these phone calls and only pass on the relevant information required for the landlord. Agencies can also sort out your issues like adding selves or fixing boilers with no hassle to the landlord. It would just be invoiced on the next rent due.

If you have not done your homework with your tenant, or you just get some back luck, then you might get a tenant that is malicious or maybe just cannot afford to pay their rent. This is when the experts really pay for themselves. They will continue to chase the rent until it is paid. If it’s still not paid, it starts to become a legal issue where the expertise of a good agent can advise on what steps to take next in order to recover your rent or evict your bad tenant.

To conclude, this business is very difficult, especially if you are a part-time landlord. If you do not mind the in-and-outs of property management, then by all means choose to do it yourself as you will definitely save yourself some money (but I do not recommend you skipping stages of the process like tenant vetting as this could prove costly later). If you are a part-time landlord, maybe you have another job or just do not have the time to be handling tenant grievances, I would fully suggest you use an agency like Eden josh to handle your rental affairs and have some peace of mind knowing that your property is looked after, your rental income is coming in and you will get your property back safe and sound.