Thursday, 5 February 2009

Why Utilities?

The current financial situation is seeing everyone take a much more conservative and cautious approach to their finances. Gone are the days of haphazard and reckless spending. Thrift is the watchword of the day, and it was enabling and encouraging their customers to keep track of their spending and organize their finances which allowed the Utilities Warehouse discount club to enter, in winter of 2008, a time when many companies were going bust, the FTSE 250.

A rapidly expanding concern, genuinely trying to enable their customers to take advantage of huge discounts, and relying on word of mouth and customer recommendations, they trade as Telecoms Plus, and bulk buy from all the major companies in the UK. Rather than waste money on massively expensive advertising and pass those inflated charges to the customer, Utilities Warehouse sells the Utilities at hugely reduced rates.

Providing gas, electricity, phone, broadband, Broadcall, mobile phone services and blackberries at lower and more reasonable tariffs has enabled Utility warehouse to expand and their satisfied customers cannot praise them enough. Huge savings are available in every arena of utility, and hundreds more are jumping on the bandwagon every day...................

The range of services available includes:

Home Phone: Guaranteed savings on call charges compared to BT’s best prices, with free calls to UK and many popular international landline destinations. With line rental costing just £8.99 a month, you can easily save over £50 per year, compared with the price paid by most BT residential customers.

Mobile Phone: ValuePay (the pay as you go service) offers fantastic value at just 12p per minute at any time for all standard calls (even including mobiles on other networks). Utilities warehouse also offer two great pay monthly tariffs: ValueTalk: which is the UK’s cheapest bundled tariff, costing from just 310 a month, and also ValueCall, which combines the UK’s cheapest monthly line rental with calls at just 8p per minute, including calls to mobiles on other networks. Blackberries are also available.

Gas and Electricity: Utilities Warehouse offers a Triple Value Guarantee. This states that the gas will always be cheaper than that provided by British Gas, no matter where the customer lives in the UK. For the electricity, they guarantee their prices will always be cheaper than the prices charged by the regional electricity supplier, for their customers. Finally, for the peace of mind of all utility Warehouse customers, they guarantee that their prices will always remain competitive with those charged by the Big Six energy suppliers.

Broadband: Utility Warehouse provides a choice of high quality and low cost broadband services, with free technical supports.

Broadcall: The great value service offered by Utilities Warehouse combines low cost telephone calls, line rental and a high speed broadband internet connection at an amazingly low package price. - Cheaper utilites like gas, electricity, broadband, mobile and landline phones - Utilites and other services - Utilities Warehouse Business Opportunity - Business breakdown

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