Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Have you had FREE training from your distribution company?

The Utilities Warehouse business opportunity provides free training for all new distributors that sign up for our fantastic business opportunity. The "College of Excellence" is a national training program delivered by the best and most successful distrubutors from the company and the training is based upon ideas, strategies and methods that work. This training can be appied thorugh the business of selling anything especially the fantastic services that the Utilities Warehouse offers to their customers.

Utility Warehouse training includes: career opportunity meetings, getting started courses, business training, goal setting / accelerator workshops and leadership training.

Your training is also supported by the people around you. People like us that will guide your progress and make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts and helping you to achieving your goals. By joining the utilities warehouse, you are never left on your own to gain customers. There is a vast amount of merchandise, intranet pages, free websites and various other ways you can get customers. Whatever your suitability or style, once you find the best way for your circumstances, you just need to stick at it and it soon becomes fruitful.

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