Friday, 13 March 2009

Company of the Year: Telecom Plus

Utilities Warehouse trading as Telecoms Plus is offically the Financial Times Company of the Year 2008. This is a fantastic accolade to finally show true recognisition to the public that the utilities Warehouse provides a great service of gas, electricity, broadband, landline and mobile phones and all on one bill.

FT quotes as follows:
"The winner of this award will be a company that has clearly demonstrated that success is not just a short term phenomenon. The winning company will undoubtedly be successful in share price terms, but with full realisation that share price is but one method of measurement. It will be professionally managed, of course; its long term strategy will be intact, and its growth and development to date will have been soundly financed as befits a conservatively run growth business."

Please check this link to the Financial Times for the official statement (you will be required to register with FT to read it):
Financial Times Company Of The Year 2008

Is it not time you moved your services to the company of the year?

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This is how you would get paid:

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