Monday, 30 March 2009

3 Questions...

3 most populate questions we always get asked when people want to join us:

How do we get customers?
Simple. Customers want to be confident they are getting the best deal. They are guaranteed this because the Utilities Warehouse check the current market, and aim to always beat it. As well as Utilities Warehouse being cheaper than their rivals, the services provided are unique. There is no other company in the UK that can provide utilities at these prices on a consistant basis. All the utilities the Utilities Warehouse provides are all on the same bill and can sort out and issues in one phone call. Our call centre is based in North London and usually answer calls within 15 seconds.

TRUE STORY: I was previously with EDF for my gas and electricity. They knew I was the same person getting gas and electricity from the same company and they still could even join my 2 accounts together to provide me with one bill.

ANOTHER TRUE STORY: I have never experienced a problem with my home broadband.

Im not very confident talking to people?
The business does involve speaking to people and the most successful distributors talk to many people but on most occassions you really do not have to. You are provided with business cards to hand to people, you can print off documents to drop through people's door, DVDs for your potential customers to watch, a free website to promote. There are so many ways. Please remember, any business you get into takes time. You are rewarded at the Utilities Warehouse for fast gains, but you can gladly work at your own pace and you will succeed.

How much can I earn?
I think watching the money presentation on our website will explain it all...

Anymore questions? Give us a call on 0845 643 5389 or join NOW

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