Thursday, 5 February 2009

Beauty or bonuses?

Where once upon a time much of us had a disposable income, the current credit crunch, and the return to thrift, has jeopardised many selling based businesses. Avon, for example used to garner those with free time a commission based income, while obviously meeting the needs of its customers. These days potential customers are more likely to be found poring over their gas bills rather then browsing for luxury purchases.

Utility warehouse was in a similar vein to the kleeneze and betaware enterprises, but more importantly, not only does it enable people to save money in these troubled times, it also offers its representatives an unprecedented opportunity to earn unlimited amounts. By offering people a chance to reduce their bills Utility Warehouse staff generate not only a one-off commission, but a constant source of residual income. Gas, electric, phone and broadband are all supplied by this company, recommended by WHICH? Magazine, and every time a customer which has signed up to reduce their bills and uses one of these services, the representative profits. Imagine being paid every time someone you've helped to save money switches on a light or television, turns the heat on, or picks up the phone to make a call? Utility warehouse does just that, paying you a percentage of each bill, which they continue to do every single time the services are used!

As you can imagine, rather than the one off profit offered by many companies, this opportunity continues to earn you money and just as importantly, help more people who want to save money. It really is a situation in which everyone emerges the winner!! This part-time/full-time and hugely flexible venture has enabled people to retire in a few years, rather than generations, and especially in the current climate is growing and growing. Incentives are easily achieved, and range from holiday cruises to free cars. The best bit being you really are your own boss, and your doing something positive. - Utilities Warehouse Business Opportunity - Business breakdown - Cheaper utilities like gas, electricity, broadband, mobile and landline phones - Utilities and other services

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